The Babadook Pop-up Book

Join Mister Babadook in his evil plans for world domination by helping him get his very own pop up book published. And score yourself a copy in the process.

The Babadook pop-up book cover

The first 2000 books will be signed and numbered, making them collector’s items!

NEWS UPDATE: All books sold during this book campaign will be signed by writer/director Jennifer Kent!

Books will ship in mid-2015 . Now that we have reached our minimum order of 2000 orders, your card will be charged immediately upon placing your Baba-book order.

Who or ‘what’ is Mister Babadook?

Mister Babadook is a truly horrible creature with no respect for anyone. He’s also the star of his very own feature film, Aussie Indie horror THE BABADOOK.

THE BABADOOK was the breakout horror hit of Sundance 2014, and has been terrorising audiences around the world ever since. This creepy, expertly crafted feature has been a critical and audience scary favourite, winning a slew of awards for best film, best actress, best director etc. Which suits Mister Babadook just fine because he is a conceited asshole and loves people heaping praise on his film. Mister Babadook is also the name of the pop-up book in the film. But more on that in a sec. In the meantime, take a look at our trailer:
The Babadook Trailer

Why Do We Need Your Help?

For those of you who haven’t seen the film but are about to, Mister Babadook infiltrates our lead character’s home under the guise of a children’s pop-up book. A sweet, innocent, purely evil children’s pop-up book.

See excerpts of the book from the film here: The Babadook book video clip
We’ve obviously made the film, but we haven’t published the book yet. That’s what our campaign is all about. We’re here to publish that delightfully creepy book. And we need your help. It’s REALLY simple. All you need to do to support us is order a copy of the book. We reach 2000 pre-orders? We get to make that book! And you get your own copy in the process. It’s a win-win situation. If we don’t reach 2000 orders, you’re not charged, but we don’t make the book. So we need everyone to order asap to reach our publishing goals. By being a supporter of our book publishing campaign, you will become the proud owner of a book that will scare the bejesus out of you every time you read it. Or make you feel traumatised whenever you walk past your bookshelf and see it. It also makes a perfect gift for the children of people you hate!

What is the book?

See Mister Babadook, see how sweet and friendly he looks?

Book page one

Now see his creepy face?

Book page two

If you love scary films (and books), you KNOW you already want a copy…

What makes this book publishing so special?

We are not going to churn out any rubbish here. Oh no. The book we publish is going to be made to the same scale and level of quality as the handmade book in the film.

We have chosen Insight Editions as our publisher, because they are the best there is as far as Mister Babadook is concerned. Insight have a lot of experience with pop-up books, having published popular works such as the Game Of Thrones Pop-Up Guide To Westeros and Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book.

Each book will have a beautiful red fabric hardback cover. And each pop-up image will be printed on beautiful quality paper, hand glued and made to the highest standards. Just like the book in the film.

Book page one

Book page two

Book page three

And what’s more, not only will you be getting the pages from the book in the film, our writer/director Jennifer Kent and illustrator Alex Juhasz are adding some more pages, continuing the Mister Babadook story ever so slightly. This publication will be a stand-alone story, a companion piece to the film, a true original.

Just remember: we have to reach our target – a minimum of 2000 orders – for this book publishing to happen. No target, no book. And that would really piss Mister Babadook off. You don’t want to piss him off.

The people who dreamt this book up..

Who are the sick, twisted types behind this Babadook pop-up book? They are Jennifer Kent (writer/director of THE BABADOOK) and her partner in crime Alex Juhasz (illustrator of the BABADOOK book.)

This is Jennifer here. She looks quite normal, even calm, some might say. But what is she thinking about here, this woman? She’s thinking about ways to terrorise and frighten you. This woman is the brainchild behind THE BABADOOK book. Jennifer Kent scene from The Babadook
And who is this nice young man? He seems perfectly fine, yes? Think again. This guy cooked up those Babadook book images. And he’s got more up his sleeve for this book publication. Alex Juhasz profile photo

Take a look at this video to see how Alex created the original book used in the film!

Click to Watch Now

How can you help us?

By pledging $US80.00 for a preorder of this fine Baba-book you can help us create a terrible thing of beauty, a strange work of art to fear/enjoy for many years to come. This $US80 INCLUDES postage and handling to anywhere in the world ($US60 for the book itself and $US20 postage and handling to all worldwide destinations.)

Very important notice from the sweatshops of Babadook land!

Once we raise the funds for this book (i.e. once we reach 2000 pre-orders), the books will take 5 MONTHS to produce, publish and be delivered to your door.

This is unavoidable as we have to pay the illustrator, paper engineer, publishers etc AFTER we have all the funds in place. We obviously can’t do that beforehand. And the lead-time to produce and publish a book of this precious quality is 5 months. So if we hit our target in January for example, you will receive your copy in June.

We want you to know this up front, at the time of committing to a pre-order, so there’s no confusion about when you’ll get your Mister Babadook book. There will be a delay, but we believe it will be worth the wait. And if you’re gifting this book for a Xmas or birthday present (you sicko!) you will have your pre order confirmation which you can print out to say that this book is on its way…

Pay your $US80 and five months after our goal is reached, this is what you’re going to find on your doorstep.

Mister Babadook book on your doorstep

Be a part of the team that created a unique horror storybook

We believe this book will be well worth the overall cost of $US80 (including postage and handling.) We’re not sure if we’ll ever print these again, so to ensure you receive one to proudly display in your book collection, please click on the link now!

We love you! We thank you! (Mister Babadook hates you but he thanks you as well.)

And just remember:

‘If it’s in a word or it’s in a look, you can’t get rid of The Babadook.’

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